Multipick ELITE 39 - Lock Noob's Essential Selection Kit

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In this unique, 39-piece lock pick set, ambitious lock pickers will find a selection of the picks appreciated most by "Lock Noob" and which he uses on a daily basis. Besides the Abona and Monith rakes designed by "Lock Noob" himself, these are comprised of, without exception, 19 selected Multipick ELITE picks plus two ELITE dimple lock picks. 16 different Multipick ELITE tensioners, including 3 TOK tensioners, and 3 champion tensioners Chr. Holler and 3 dimple lock tensioners round off this rich, high-yield, high-quality set.


Quality features:

  • The ultimate lock-pick set in worldwide unrivalled high-tech quality.
  • Finest pick tips - ingenious spring steel - perfect workmanship
  • High-quality individual design - perfection down to the last detail
  • No duplicate picks or tensioners
  • 100% Made in Germany - by Multipick, of course

This elegant set is housed in a fold-out genuine leather case.


  • A "must have" for every "Lock Noob" fan! 
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