Multipick ELITE Advanced Pickset 40 pieces (Christina Palmer 0.4 + 0.6)

In Stock - 5 available

This particular pickset, tailored for advanced and professional lock pickers, was designed by Christina Palmer in 2020 according to her mathematical and technical calculations for the most common pick profiles.

Christina Palmer is known for her great passion for locksport. She combines her personal experience with the laws of physics, applying both to the development of these sophisticated profiles.
We would like to thank Ms Palmer for providing us with her pick and tension designs.

Like all Multipick pick blades, they are made of the finest spring steel in an unrivalled high-tech quality with a thickness of 0.4 and 0.6 mm.

In addition to 8 different types of hooks, 4 diamond picks, 2 curved picks, 8 wave rakes and 16 special tensioners round up this ELITE-class pick set by Multipick, which is presented in a high-quality genuine leather case.

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