Ross 600 Series Deadbolt Lock With Cover and 2 x 50mm (88mm) keys - AR

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Ross 600 Series Deadbolt Lock With Cover and 2 x 50mm keys (measured bit to bow. Keys are 88mm in total length).

  • 6 pick resistant levers.
  • 1,000,000 possible keycode combinations.
  • 2 single-bitted steel keys are provided.
  • Key lengths are measured by the distance between the bitt-and-bow of the key.
  • Key codes are read from the tip of the key to the ROSS embossed keybow.


  • The introduction of the vertical lift levers, housed and anchored securely between the steel lock-case and lock-cap, restricts a forced entry.
  • The lever housing prevents a lever pack collapse against bolt-head pressure.
  • The cruciform wall design protects the gating-stump and shrouds the lever pack from interference.
  • The centralised bolt-tail protects against a gate-drilling intrusion, and makes it difficult to pick the bottom (3) levers.
  • The centralised bolt-tail also enables the reverse handing of the lock in the field.
  • The consistent contoured belly profiles on the levers resist optical/impression intrusion techniques.
  • Ball bearings fitted into the scew-bearers makes penetration by drill very difficult.
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