Multipick V-PRO self-tapping pull screws 4.8 x 48 mm - 10 pieces

In Stock - 5 available
Manufactured according to the latest state-of-the-art technical expertise
Very powerful!
  • High tensile strength and breaking load, combined with a high degree of torsion

Our most economical customer uses our screws repeatedly up to 6 times - what should we do about this?

No pre-drilling required! (self-tapping)

  • It screws into the cylinder efficiently, thanks to a newly-developed drill-bit-tip and the DELTA SEAL® anti-friction coating
Optimized thread geometry and screw length!
  • Maximum retention force in each cylinder profile
One-handed screw-in without a ScrewFix bit adapter!
  • Whether by hand or cordless electric screwdriver, via its patented SIT® 20-bit drive (fully downward compatible with TORX20)
A great advantage of the SIT 20 drive is that the screw can be driven in with one hand and without a screw adapter. Those who have ever had to thread in screws of other manufacturers will love this advantage!
Having a high speed on the drill and applying pressure on the screw is advantageous for easy threading of the V-PRO extraction screw!
DELTA SEAL® High-tech color anti-friction coating!
  • The anti-friction coating supports easy screw-in action
  • An individual colour scheme for each screw size
  • Corrosion protection
Important! Experience has shown that a lubricant is often used to assist in threading the screw. This is not necessary with V-PRO extraction screws and in fact is counterproductive.
Our screw has an anti-friction coating that does not require a lubricant. If additional lubrication is used, it can lead to the shavings becoming clumped which can no longer be eliminated.
V-PRO screws have an impression stamped into the screw-head!
Latest technology — Made in Germany!
  • We guarantee the highest quality
In this packaging unit we include a SIT20 quality bit.
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