Existing Customers

Our 1010 Security website has been upgraded to a new Magento shopping platform hosted in the UK. Magento is one of the most popular open-source shopping platforms in the world with over a quarter of a million hosted websites. Previously (since 2005), our website had been hosted in the USA and was based on a now obsolete shopping platform.

This new Magento platform enables us to provide a more responsive shopping experience, especially for customers accessing our website from a tablet or smart phone.

We have migrated all of our existing customer accounts to the new shopping platform so the changeover should be fairly straightforward for all customers.

Please read the following sections as they detail some of the differences you may notice...

Signing In for the First Time

  • To sign in to the new website, you will need the email address that you previously used to sign in to the old website. If you used a login name (instead of an email address), or are unsure of your login details, please contact our helpdesk.
  • For both technical and GDPR reasons, we are unable to transfer your old password to the new website. Before you sign in for the first time you will need to set a new password. To do this, please click this forgot password link. After entering your email, you will be sent another link allowing you to enter a new password.

Customer Addresses

  • Your default shipping and billing addresses have been copied to your new account.
  • If you regstered multiple addresses on your account, these will also have been copied to the new website. For technical reasons, some of the addresses may be duplicated so please check carefully and delete any addresses you do not need.

Payment by Purchase Order

  • Customers who previously had arranged payment by purchase order will be able to continue to use this facility on the new website.
  • As before, you must enter a PO number at checkout.

Trade Account and Discount

  • Customers with trade accounts will continue to receive the same discounts as previously arranged.
  • You may notice some slight differences in price from the old website (both up and down). Please see product pricing below.

Collection by Customer

  • Customers who had previously arranged collection of goods from our Handcross distribution centre will continue to see the Collection by Customer option at checkout.

Restricted Products

  • Restricted Products will continue to be available to all customers who had previously registered on the old website.


  • EU customers previously registered for zero VAT will continue to receive the VAT exemption at checkout.

Product Pricing

  • In upgrading to the new website, it has been our intention to leave all product prices unchanged.
  • However, because the new shopping platform uses a different pricing and discount model, this has resulted in some minor price differences (both up and down) for some of our products.
  • This applies to both the retail and discount prices.

Past Invoices

  • We have kept an archive of past invoices going back to January 2018. If you need a copy of any of these invoices, please contact our helpdesk.


  • Returns can now be requested directly from the website using the My Returns link on your account page. Please see our Returns page for further details.